A gentle digital reminder

Still keeping addresses and emails on your phone or computer?
How’s about ‘sensitive material’, Passwords for on-line banking, letters, photo’s or whatever, on the same. Are your logins for the Internet or works network installed as an automated feature?

Are you demented or what!

Or do you just like making people like me happy when I get to work on your system?
Better still you being hacked by ‘The powers that be” or the world (in)famous Russian hackers who would think nothing of stealing your recipes.

Ever heard of keeping sensitive material on a plug-in memory stick?
Can’t do that?
OK, what about one of those old-fashioned things called a note-book.
Or even keeping hard copies.
No. Too hard?

Keep up the good work because there are millions of people out there who can access anything on-line or just by getting close enough to Wifi or blue tooth onto your system.
Let alone simply sitting down at your keyboard as you go for a pee.

You do have an automatic passworded screen saver installed?
Be honest now?
Or do you just close the lid putting whatever in snooze and hope everyone will think the device is switched off and locked?

There again you could just delete things you don’t want.
Click hold, drag and drop into the electronic waste bin.
Feel safe now? Great.
There are so many ways to recover those files, photo’s or whatever just by restoring them (thanks Microsoft) or using any of dozens of free file recovery programs.
That I do regularly for people who ‘inadvertently’ delete files.

Ouch, I am a pain aren’t I.

So do you use a security deletion program as standard to file wipe, destroy, and otherwise make your precious secrets unrecoverable?
There are so many simple to use FREEWARE (you don’t pay) programs that render everything unrecoverable.

Or is that too much of a problem?
OK, if it is, do you have kids?
Ask them to show you how (and yes they are that simple!).

Do you send emails?
Plain text or do you encrypt them?
Encrypting them is good and once again there are a few good programs out there that don’t need Einstein’s brain to make them work. Personally I don’t use anything proprietary. I prefer some of the more unusual freeware ones. Only how are you keeping the password to those emails again?

Hows about the password itself.
Is it a random combination of Alfa-numeric characters with spaces and punctuation scattered within. Or is it still your wife’s birthday, reversed, or your child’s DOB, national insurance number, dogs name, or your old telephone number?

Password crackers? Yep, freeware, readily available, child’s play stuff again.
Why do you insist on leaving them on the computer anyway?

Enough already?
Yep, I think so to.

Nah, one last question.
Do you have an up to date virus checker installed and working on your system?
Yes? Well done.
No? I do love it when people like you own digital stuff.
It makes my life, hackers, TPTB, not forgetting the (in)famous Russians activities, soooo easy.

Night Night, Sleep Tight!



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