Austere Toilet

Compost Loo’s.
Simple design, a shield diverts the urine into a bottle, while the ‘heavier material’ falls into a bucket usually with a layer of sawdust, coffee grounds, some use cut up hay, or whatever, to extract what moisture there is.

Elsan Loo’s.
Everything drops into a bucket which may contain a ‘toilet fluid’ to kill off the smells.

Cat hole.
Use a spade, dig a hole, do whatever, fill in the hole.

This is boring.
Lets add a little CBRN and you can’t go outside AND there are no toilets or spare water.
What you going to use besides a bucket or trash can?

Thinking multiple use items i.e. something that is versatile and has many other uses,

What about:-
Kitchen Bin liners or the world-famous
poobagsOnly get the large dog size and tie them tight!

Hang on, some may be thinking what about the pee?
Take your pick:-
A plastic bottle, bucket, office bin, trash can, flower-pot (urine helps cultivate seeds).
Aw come on, it’s a liquid use your imagination.

Whoops, nearly forgot, toilet paper!
Newspapers, tax returns, credit card bill, books, writing paper, but not anything essential like ID or proof of ‘previous address’.

What about personal hygiene?
Washing your hands prior to eating or drinking after toileting?
If all else fails, and apart from water, if you can’t go outside, try fresh urine.
Someone is bound to say that urine is not always sterile as you may have an infection.
Yep, couldn’t agree more EXCEPT the presence of poo particles on your hands is WAY WORSE than washing in urine and drying your hands off on something clean.

Is all this austere talk about poo and wee making you feel sick?
Ignore basic hygiene and it’ll do exactly that, make you sick.

Food for thought?
rotglmanSick joke!

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