Making Cheese (updated)

Making Cheese was originally posted on August 13, 2016
Note:- There is an update on bottom of the post
Dated 15/08/2016 regarding powdered milk.

So how to make cheese in easy terminology (Paulspeak).
First you need a cow.
Milk said cow. (and that ain’t easy!)
Now heat the milk, stirring constantly, until it boils and then turn off the heat aka lift it off the fire / stove.
Now gently add vinegar (white or apple) until the milk separates into solids and a sort of green watery fluid called whey.
As soon as it does, stop adding the vinegar.
Pour everything through a fine sieve or even a clean sock.
You’re after the solids.
Rinse the solids in the sieve / sock in clean drinkable water.
Add a bit of salt to taste and squeeze out as much water as you can.
And that’s a simple cheese.

Wanna get cleverer? After all there is always one who does.
Cheese is sometimes made from rennet.
That’s a coagulant that was obtained from cows. It does the same as the vinegar
i.e. Separates the solids from the liquid.
Only you can make it from stinging nettles.
Take a kilo of fresh stinging nettle,
4 cups of drinkable water,
a teaspoon of salt, and bring it to the boil and simmer for 30 minutes.
Drain off the liquid. That’s the rennet.
When making cheese use one cup to a gallon of milk.

CAUTION! Keep this liquid in the dark, cool, and sealed.
It also won’t last unless refrigerated.

Apple vinegar.
A slow recipe. The longer you leave it, the stronger the vinegar.
Cut up some apples and let them turn brown.
Put them into a clean “sterilised” jar, covered with water, put a tight weave cloth over the mouth of the jar.
Leave it for a month somewhere warm and DARK.
Then start to taste test it.
If it is not strong enough, re-cover it and leave it.
Taste test every week. It may take up to two months.
Pour out the liquid when happy, this is the vinegar.
It may be cloudy but don’t worry.
You can filter it if you like but it is safe when cloudy.

Update to post 15/08/2016:-
This following a question from ‘Clayton Fish’.
Can you use ‘powdered milk’?

I never like writing something that I haven’t tried myself but I did find reference to making cheese from powdered milk on other survival and cheese making websites.

So I’ll include their know-how for completeness but I would stress I haven’t tried this.

The same basic method is used (a few using lemon juice to separate the curds and whey as opposed to vinegar).

Thus the recipe changes slightly to:-
3 cups of powdered milk, 6 cups of water, salt to taste, vinegar or lemon juice (Just enough to separate the mixture with some quoting as much as a 1/2 a cup).

My only comment here is UK specific as lemons aren’t grown here in quantity. Apples yes, lemons no, BUT in some shops you can find plastic and glass bottles of PURE lemon juice.

I can only hope that when the looting starts, that’s not on their pick list.

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