Will survival be endless combat?

Read all the tactical stuff coming out of the US and you may be forgiven for thinking that.
Only can it be anything else?

Tactical stuff comes into it during the collapse and afterwards for the initial time period when the rule of law is no more and various morons are trying to establish their own power bases.

Yet that’s just humankind.
The only species in the world that regularly shafts one another for a percentage, profit, or just because it can.

So what if you don’t want to fight, just survive?
Three words come to mind, “You Poor Sod”.
That’s just not going to happen because there will always be someone who wants what you’ve got or even you to ‘slave labour’ for them.

It’s like joining a gang for ‘protection’.
Even if you pick the best armed gang in the world, there will always be another gang that wants what you’ve got. You already see that everyday in the media or on the streets. Nothing will change even of there is a HUGE 99% die off.

UK population 67 million plus change.
1% of that is 670,000.
What is the odds of everyone wanting to live together in perfect harmony?

No matter what you’ll end up with a military, criminal and political (one and the same), religious, and ‘money or wealth orientated’ element. Possibly of all ages, different ‘characters’, beliefs, desires and goals. (Like re-establishing what once was).

Thus you haven’t got a cat in hells chance of not getting involved with conflict with those sort of odds.

Sucks doesn’t it?
You survive whatever to end up dead or part of “the new revolutionary army” digging latrines.

The loner?
Of course you could try not being part of anything or anyone.
The lone homestead, self-sustaining, in some back wood location safe from prying eyes.
The UK’s  total land mass is 243,610 km². Divided by 670,000.
In theory that puts each person into an area of only 360 square meters.
So unless you are WAY OUT OF THE WAY, which probably means in a low population, not good for survival location, you will encounter someone at sometime.

Hand up all those who think they will all come in peace?
Great, some of you are naive enough to think that too.

Once the Rule of Law has collapsed it’s going to be everybody for themselves.
Unless you like sheeple food and servitude.

Get over it, arm yourself at the first opportunity, and adopt the old adage.

Shoot first and say sorry afterwards.

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