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BBC reported:-
Nearly 60% of all syphilis cases reported in England were in London.
A regional director for Public Health England, London, said:- “We are seeing large increases in cases of syphilis among men who have sex with men (MSM) and they now represent 90% of syphilis cases in London.

You also need to know that syphilis and some other sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) are evolving and there are strains in the world that are becoming antibiotic resistant. Thus in the global transit system, here today, there tomorrow, antibiotic resistant STD’s are going to spread.

Only it doesn’t stop there.
London’s mayor Sadiq Khan has warned against complacency on HIV.
In 2014, London accounted for 45 per cent of all people diagnosed as HIV+ in England – with a breakdown showing 30 out of 32 London boroughs have above-average rates of HIV.

Wow, visit London, meet exotic sexually liberal people, get laid, and return home with a STD. Nice (not).condom

Only that little piece of rubber will help you dodge the STD bullet!
(And even that isn’t truly 100% safe)

Still STD’s including HIV, Syphilis, and others, are sexually transmitted so you’d think that the use of condoms is kinda important within this environment.

Thus you may think that promoting
Unprotected sex in London is REALLY STUPID!


In case you didn’t know the coil is not going to give you any protection against STD’s for women OR stop women infected with STD’s from transmitting what they have to others!

So when a London Council (Kingston) puts up this poster and a council spokesman says:
“This is a responsible public health campaign.”

You really do have to acknowledge that “The lunatics are definitely in charge of the Asylum” aka SW LONDON. (Kingston in particular).

And finally.
Was this purely a public service post about the dangers of London?
Well sort of but it’s also applicable in a survival scenario.
Survival as in looking after yourself in a conflict zone or disaster, the aftermath, and the possibility, THE VERY REAL POSSIBILITY, of attack from RAPEFUGEES.

Now I know that the chances are someone being raped by a low life who might be considerate enough to don a condom are remote, but the other side of it is after TEOTWAWKI, to avoid ‘problems’, how’s about chucking a few condoms into your kit bag? And yes I am talking to men, women, and anything in between.

Why? People are sexual and like it or not, barter in survival can include 20 minutes in the sack with another warm body. The oldest profession in the world may secure you a bed for the night, food, supplies, and ‘protection’.

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  1. Put a condom in your purse or wallet, then as you don’t go out without that, the poster is obsolete. Besides, a coil is NOT 100% safe against pregnancy, let alone STDs, and if fitted incorrectly (or inadvisedly as in my case) leads to all manner of other issues.
    And, from a survival point of view, you can’t hold water in a coil.

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