Apple cider vinegar

To me it’s one of natures little marvels so when I read this on a BBC site:-
Are the health claims about apple cider vinegar true?

I was ready for a hatchet job to be carried out on one of the most time proven remedies for most everything.

Only I was wrong. Well sort of.
They barely scratched all it’s uses (including making cheese) but did report a couple of useful titbits.

  • It turned out that apple cider vinegar, but not the malt vinegar, does reduce blood sugar levels, useful for diabetes sufferers in an austere time.
  • The biggest “shock” for their expert was an average 13% reduction in total cholesterol, with a strikingly large reduction in triglycerides (a form of fat).
    For those who hate the miscellaneous problems statins cause, could this be better?

How to DIY your own Apple vinegar.

It’s a slow recipe and the longer you leave it, the stronger the vinegar.

Cut up some apples and let them turn brown.
Put them into a clean “sterilised” jar, covered with water, put a tight weave cloth over the mouth of the jar.
Leave it for a month somewhere warm and DARK.
Then start to taste test it.
If it is not strong enough, re-cover it and leave it.
Taste test every week. It may take up to two months.
Pour out the liquid when happy, this is the vinegar.
It may be cloudy but don’t worry.
You can filter it if you like but it is safe when cloudy.

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  1. Rifleman III says:

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    Made similar, during winter. Placed it in a mound of snow. Sun worked it, as well as the cold. Vinegar. One problem. I was trying to make Apple Jack.

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