Cold BBQ

I do feel sorry for some.
They try, but fail, only it’s not their fault as no one ever told them how!
Tonight while walking we came across a lad who we know is barely making ends meet.
For the first time in weeks he had enough spare money to buy fresh meat and veg and his intent was to have a proper meal.

Only there is the whole problem in a nutshell.
Raw unprocessed meat, vegetables still in their skins, little tooling above a kitchen knife, a fork, plate, and a wooden spatula.
A bag of ‘super cut price’ charcoal, a disposable lighter, and the marina’s very grotty communal BBQ and its open grill plate.

He had little knowledge of “austere cooking” including how to light a fire hot enough to get the charcoal burning. One word, DISASTER.

No fire lighters so we gave him a crash course in basic fire lighting.
Paper balls as tinder from the skip, kindling from a couple of rotted out ply-wood panels, and a scavenge on the “tip” for some decent ‘fuel’ aka broken up scrap wood.

It took just 10 minutes to educate him, a few minutes more talking slow cooking ‘food from the fire’ menu’s and he was one happy well stuffed bunny this morning.
A meal of chicken, pork, and liver, all on the grill, plus veg.

His dog looked well happy too!
stuffed dog

Then as if to prove he could do it again, this morning he rapidly lit another BBQ to cook some sausages someone had given him. He sat down to sausages and eggs and a hot cup of tea!

I can foresee a thickening waistline coming as he’s also discovered that fresh food costs less than the canned processed gunk he was eating. Cans may appear cheap but the reality is fresh meat is cheaper as is veg.

Good luck to him.

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  2. Rifleman III says:

    Very good. If there are any junkyards around, maybe he should purchase an old car hubcap. They make good fires. Simple. Small. Direct heat, without drawing dampness from the ground. Then a few pointers on squirrel trapping. He will never want of meat, again.

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