Blurred Red dot sight

I really hate the thought of ditching an old friend and my QR red dot and I have seen ‘interesting times’ together.


It’s an occluded sight i.e. you can’t see through it BUT that lovely 3 MOA dot is now a blur.
So what’s going on? I’ve always been a little long sighted but now wear glasses so that shouldn’t have caused a problem, OR WOULD IT?

It’s got to be that because the other causes of blurriness are staring AT the dot not the target, and unlike battery-powered modern ones, there is no brightness control as too bright a dot also causes distortion. Another reason for not losing my old friend. No batteries, no tritium.

Only what’s Astigmatism?
Astigmatism occurs when the eye is unable to focus light rays to a single point on the retina because the cornea or lens has a different curvature in one direction compared to another. Astigmatism often occurs with other vision conditions such as short or long-sightedness. Astigmatism is usually present from birth, but can sometimes develop as a result of another condition later in life, such as cataracts.
Damn, the eye test mentioned those things!

Can all this be “cured”?
Glasses I already wear and I have been long sighted for ever.
So as for cataracts? Doctor time and a sharp knife I’m thinking.

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  1. Rifleman III says:

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  2. Rifleman III says:

    Go with either fixed or adjustable sights on a pistol/revolver; Open, Buckhorn sights on rifle; matchstick on muzzle end of shotgun, drop of glue and clear packing tape over, to hedge on the bet, sight straight down the barrel.

    All weapons, should fire instinctively as an extension of the body. Bring the sights up to your eye, and do not lower the head (unless resting the cheek on buttstock).

    Train by pointing your index finger at any object in your home, but never at family photographs. A police study done, indicated that if you point to family photographs, you “green light”, shooting family members accidentally or while under stress. Then, with unsharpened pencil, hold it in your hand and with index finger, squeeze the tip, making the pencil slide. You improve shooting by 30%. Remember, an extension of the body. Raise the hand up, and into your sightline, and never lower the head. Then practice with front and rear sight covered with masking tape, so that you cannot see either sight. You instincts improve. Great for night firefight.

  3. gamegetterII says:

    I’ve recently been to the eye doc due to what was up until last week being at risk for glaucoma/possible glaucoma due to high eye pressures.
    As of last week it became I have glaucoma for certain, but of the two types,the type I have is somewhat less damaging to long term eyesight.
    I haven’t been able to use red dot sights for several years due to sometimes seeing multiple dots.
    Somthing to do with the “floaters” in my eyes that sometimes obscure my vision.
    Doc started me on some eyedrops that should prevent my vision from getting much worse for 5-10 years-or I’ll have to have a laser eye surgery that may not work.He claims they’ll be able to cure glaucoma in that 5-10 years and reverse any damage.
    We shall see-as long as the vision in my rt eye doesn’t get any worse and I can still see to hunt deer and small game,I’ll hold put for the cure rather that undergo eye surgery that may not work.

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