Intercepted TV

We haven’t got one and still haven’t but this particular flat screen droll box was about to be dumped, skipped, and otherwise discarded and I happened to be there.


It took me just 5 minutes to get to a section of the TV that was faulty, and 10 minutes of multimeter probing to isolate the fault with a downloaded schematic.

But then everything just stalled.

Salt water corrosion had eaten the printed circuit board and even with x 7 power plastic eyes, I just couldn’t see enough to effect a repair.

That and Surface Mount devices keep getting smaller.
They put a new dimension on the old school repair man aka ME!
3 hours later I admitted defeat (mainly because the light was going).

That kinda irks me.
Taking hours to do what I used to do for hours and not succeeding.
Old age is a foul bitch but not necessarily female!

So, putting everything away I dumped said TV into the skip and got the rifle out.

QR Red Dot, blurry. Bin time!
My Vernier scaled target peep sight was OK (just) once I’d changed to an inverted pointer.
My 4 x 30:30 telescopic sight, as always, was beautiful and only needed a tiny little twist on the focus.

What’s next?
I threaded a needle and tied a size 12 fishing hook on a bit of mono-filament.
It gets worrying when your sight goes doesn’t it!
Only mine isn’t totally shot to pieces just yet.
So, now onto the important things in life, a mug of tea.

teaEverything looks so much better over
the top of a steaming hot mug of tea!

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  1. Don’t forget the gingernuts. Always warming when dunked.

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