37 Questions

The woman I knew flipped at all my moods
She screamed at me to tell of my life
I said that was wrong and speak I could not
‘Tell me all’ she spat in my face

It’s hard for those who know nothing of life
To cope with the stresses I lived
The actions of those broken by sights
And the thoughts of my screwed up head.

She closed that distance which I hold dear
Despite my warnings of fear
In lessening my space to stop my escape
She knew I would strike if she neared

With pain in my heart I told her to go
And was glad to see she did that
Then I fell to the floor to awake all alone
With one heck of a bruise on my face

Some things can’t be shared
If the pain is too great
Some things are better contained
Some things take forever to sort in the mind

Before you can tell your tale.

Paul Gray

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