Musing about being too old to run

When you figure everything out, if you’re too old and knackered to run, the choices you will make may only have two conclusions. You live or you die.

Survival is a game of chance.
You can load the odds in your favour if you have skills but sometimes that’s never enough.
Make a bad decision about the basics of survival, the rules of three for instance, and nature let alone man may ruin your day.

Take going to steel.
Even now, old and as knackered as I am, with an adequate weapon I would own most targets out to 500 yards. Right up till I get it wrong or the other guy is better or luckier than me.

Only if you are on your own and get caught out, who would a give a shit apart from yourself anyway.

The problem is if someone is dependant on you.
It’s simple when you are on your own, as complicated as fk. when you have someone in tow.  Or is it, complicated I mean? Why would you ever think you had a choice if it was someone you care about?

Take SWMBO and me. I’d hate it if she knew everything I do anyway.
Call me old-fashioned but there you go.
She would be capable enough to hit a mark at range if I had enough time to convert her to an adequate weapon. Only I know that her heart would get in the way of cold judgement.
That’s not be being all love and hearts either, that’s a tactical assessment.

What happens if it’s a choice between me or her?
My thought processes are:-

Would she be able to survive without me?
As said, you can load the odds in your favour if you have skills but sometimes that’s never enough. Only sometimes the most unlikely survive with no skills at all. So would you sacrificing yourself so others can live matter or would that sacrifice be pointless long-term.
You just don’t know do you?

Would I be able to survive without her? Only would I want to?
Love and hearts says no but the survival instinct is strong within me so the answer is probably . That and I’m a firm believer in revenge.

Let’s talk restraint, the civilian equivalent of a voluntary rules of engagement.
Too old to run, that’s me.
Besides where are you going to run to in a survival scenario?
Once you have been discovered all ‘they’ have to do is run you down.
Um, I don’t run anymore so if there is no choice to escape, then restraint is unnecessary if not self-defeating. A simple case of them or you.

Only there is the matter of afterwards, when the ‘event has finished’ and normal life returns. Afterwards is all about when the rule of law is re-established and your actions may be judged. That would be later though, much later.

I believe that as there is so much that can kill you today so why worry about tomorrow.
In survival that should also be your mindset.

Does getting old make a difference?
No, not for me.
I initially thought it would but it doesn’t and makes decision-making a lot easier.
After all I’ve little to lose and everything to gain by thinking without restraint.

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  1. Rifleman III says:

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  2. Rifleman III says:

    Under advisement: Long range is always nice, but I believe some CQB tactics are needed. Limber up with the air rifle as calisthenics because most likely a threat will be close quarters. Mobility issues, practice now, slow, steady, stretch. Actually, SWMBO is probably very good with a meat cleaver or butcher knife.

    • Close is no problem (provided you can deflect or avoid the first blow). As for blade time, experience taught me that. Only now I’m not so ‘nimble’, there will only be one side left to any fight. Exercise? 2-3 miles a day on foot with dog, as for physical work, ever taken a boat through a hand operated lock? Living on a boat is one heck of a good way of keeping fit unless you are one of those who sits by the dock all day fishing. As for SWMBO. Maybe.

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