Shooting notes, Distance.

Updated, from an article at westernrifleshooters.

Distance by eye i.e. no scope.

Yds Features
100 Recognise a face
200 Just a face
300 No hands
400 No head but you can see legs move and light between them
500 No light between legs as they move
600 no shape at all, a blob.

This stays the same.
Average size across the shoulders for a man is 18 inches.
Mildot (1 mil= 1.047″ @ 100 Yards)

Yds   Mil Shoots
100  17.0   (low)
200 8.50   (low)
300 5.75   (high)
400 4.25   (low)
500 3.50   (high)
600 2.75   (low)

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  1. Rifleman III says:

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  2. Rifleman III says:

    But the eyes are older than what they were when 600 meter service rifle was the weapon. Actually, the last couple of times hunting, the shots were under 100 yards. I am an aperture loving guy and also run open sights. The 4x fixed power, I truly love and it is on my Model-70. I am thinking about after the new year, buying a CZ 557 Carbine in 6.5x55mm, and scoping it with 3-9x, 50mm, Nikon. Trouble is, my brain is Neanderthal, and I do stuff like setting a matchstick piece as front sight on a shotgun, and no rear sight. With age, I find either buckhorn (open) sight, or scope, easier. Then things get primitive, and I go for the shotgun, any way you look at it, I try to close the distance to compensate for vision with age. A friend was hunting with me and I only showed him where to post, because I had things to do (shopping with Old Granny), I checked on him around noon. Nothing moving. I asked him for his rifle, aa .308, then fired it, hitting a four point buck. He was animate of how I knew there was a buck in the area (under 20 yards from him). I did not look for a buck. I saw an ear, bent down and saw a leg, then antlers. Anything with distance, I use binoculars (I should use a Seeing Eye Dog, or something).

  3. 20 years ago I might have been able to distinguish a face at 250…

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