Singleton, pair, or collective.

A little discussion about survival colonies, the benefits of the small family unit, and the problems of the “Lone Wolf” singleton survivor.

The lone wolf or singleton.
Flexibility is their strength, loneliness their weakness.
All decisions are theirs, there is no ‘selfish’ as they are a party of one.
BUT if you are on your own and get sick, hurt, or just unable to cope (either physically or mentally) the slide into hell can be pretty quick.
Without human companionship you could miss the signs.
Most people live better with company but not very well as part of a mindless collective following orders.

A family unit (or pairing) benefits greatly by a closer cohesion and trust in each other. Communication is easier and in most cases non verbal. Decision making and loads are shared. Most switched on couples listening to what the other thinks and both working together as a team.

A colony is a nightmare scenario for me.
It will turn into governance without the politeness.
A commander, or committee, making decisions that affect the collective.
This can lead to independent voices being stifled.
Free thought and choice may become outlawed.
After that you are but a slave to the whim of the leadership.
That may breed dissent, that may get you cast out or worse.

Which is much like it is today.
You vote for someone to act on your behalf for what you thought was the collective good, or more honestly, for the one who promised to make your life better. A few tactically voting for whatever reason.

What made that choice doesn’t matter as even if ‘your choice’ or ‘the other person’s choice’ got in, the disillusionment would have been the same for both of you.

You both end up hating what is happening, your voice is never listened to, with anger or possible resentment and non co-operation the result. Eventually you will end up being forced to comply.

And finally (a bit tongue in cheek)
Some pairings are fire and water, but in the main a couple or pairing work out issues and solutions to problems as a team. For the benefit of both.
Co-operation being a hell of a lot better than coercion.

Thus SWMBO and me.
Chalk and cheese in personality and both having wildly different skill sets.
But together we are unstoppable!


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  1. Rifleman III says:

    I am an asocial (not anti-social) personality, and view solitude as my major strength.

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