The electronic preppers foible.

I’m talking about why so many preppers, and curiously the modern survivalist, are so keen to rely on electronics to dig them self out of the mire or carry stuff that would be better on paper. To me that’s a weakness.

I read a lot about keeping important documents on a thumb drive but there is one heck of a lot of space on those things so I’d be looking at storing all kinds of useful things like survival books, first aid manuals, copies of ‘where there are no doctors or dentists’.

Only what if you can’t read it?
Then it’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Thumb drives aka USB keys, or memory sticks can hold loads of stuff but it needs some sort of reader to extract that information.

Here is a list of what can destroy, disable, or scramble a thumb drive:-

Too damp, wet, hot, or cold.
Being dropped, trodden or sat on, or hit by a hammer.
Being hit by a bullet, arrow, or other projectile.
A geomagnetic event or a weapon generated EMP.
A strong magnet.

Can all these ruin a thumb drive? Yep, all but the magnet.

As for whatever reader you think is going to read the drive?
Everything listed above will do the same i.e. destroy, disable, or scramble, including the magnet.

Then there is another problem to consider.
Well actually a couple.
Who is going to read that data?

If it’s you?
What if your reader is fried, how do you propose to do that?
If your battery is flat, your charger broken, or whatever?
How exactly can you guarantee that your reader isn’t going to do destroy, disable, or scramble your precious thumb drive. You can’t can you?

If it’s someone else?
Basically the same applies IF THEY ARE COMPUTER SAVVY.
Only what if their reader is working and they corrupt your thumb drive. What if they decide NOT TO GIVE your thumb drive back.

What if their reader pops a virus onto your thumb drive, you use it again and REALLY upset the next authoritative person by wreaking their reader.

Only what if the check point is staffed by computer ignorant personnel.
“Show us your papers” and you hand over a thumb drive?
I can just imagine their response. “WTF IS THIS!?!”

Paper is bulky but it is multi-use where a thumb drive only has two.
Storing stuff and proving your ‘worth’.
What, not your identity?
Ever tried to get a bank loan on electronic copies of identity and proof of address?
In the main they will just laugh at you.
So even if you have checked your local authorities will accept them, come a time that you are under a new leadership, will they?

One final thought, a scenario actually.
You’ve got hurt, bad hurt.
Your thumb drive has all the information you need to help you.
Except it can’t be accessed for some reason.

Suddenly a small book costing a few dollars becomes priceless .
Paper holds information, it’s low-tech, wipes backsides, lights fire, and has many other uses.

A thumb drive only two.

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    damned if you do, damned if you don’t sort of thing. a couple of hard copy books and copies of important documents that you deem important along with a USB drive should suffice. Sure, all that can be easily ruined, but there’s not much of an alternative besides those, I think.

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