Iron Sights

An interesting post in guns101blog about lever guns and iron sights.
The fact that most modern weapons have ‘modular’ or glass fitted as standard doesn’t necessarily mean they are better than an outstanding weapon fitted with iron.

After all if you can’t shoot with iron, what are you going to do if your optic falls off, gets smashed, or runs out of battery??

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4 Responses to Iron Sights

  1. Brittius says:

    In my younger years, my vision was 20/05, and I adored aperture receiver sights. Today, I still love aperture receiver sights and feel like the legendary outdoor writer, Jack O’Connor.
    Buckhorn/Open sights are good, as are fixed/partridge sights on revolvers or 1911 pistols. It depends on what people are trained on. My older grandson likes optics. My younger grandson likes open sights and is just about as good with them as my older grandson shooting 3×9 (40mm) scope.

  2. jlm990 says:

    I try to tell my new clients to unbolt all that hardware from their rifles and learn to shoot with iron sights. If you cannot shoot well, you will shoot badly with any sight. You learn the fundamentals with iron, and progress from there.

  3. shtfprepper says:

    Iron sights first, optics second. I consider any optics a bonus.

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