Hunger Games?

(BBC) Russia runs its own hunger games in Siberia.

Honestly, the BBC is really manned with idiots for reporters.
They obviously don’t know a thing about the film series, the story, or that global war actually caused the whole scenario to be created anyway.

What we have here is a knife only survival contest only on TV.
How unusual is that (besides not at all).

Hyping up the rhetoric about allowing rape, murder, or rules or whatever, does anyone really give a damn? Besides when was rape a feature of the original Hunger Games?

Now what I’d pay to see is the same competition run with politicians as contestants.

It actually does fall neatly into the “take 100 out into the street and shoot them in the f’king head” scenario of the famed anon marine.

Apart from it would have rave reviews, it would solve a lot of problems in some countries right round the world. Let me see, Theresa May and Merkel comes to mind, chuck in Hollande and Marine Le Pen of France and you have all ‘girls’ competition. Yes I do consider Hollande a rather short girls blouse.

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