Call in the Marine.

Only one is necessary, the Anon Marine.
You know, the one with balls enough to state how 100 people dragged on to the street and shot through the f’king head would sort out a lot of the US’s problems.

He is needed here in the UK seeing as though I can’t get weaponised. Why?
Britain faces a Christmas of travel chaos with an avalanche of strikes set to disrupt the country’s roads, railways and airports throughout the festive period. Unite (general secretary Len McCluskey) said more than 1,500 baggage handlers, check-in staff and other workers at 18 airports including Gatwick and Heathrow will strike for 48 hours on December 23. Meanwhile, Southern workers from RMT and Aslef (general secretary Mick Whelan, and president Tosh McDonald, far left) are set to go on strike once again following three days of industrial action – causing the worst rail disruption in 20 years – in the past week. It comes as 3,000 postal workers plan to strike from December 19 to 24 in a dispute over job security and pensions, closing post offices in the run up to Christmas.

Now it might seem a tad extreme but look at it logically.
Deck all the above scumbags within the next few days (plus a few of their more feral minions to hammer home the point) and Christmas will go swimmingly here.

Sooner the better as then we can get on with “The peace to all Christians thingy”.
As for the above scum and the HUGE loss (not) to our country?
They’re all probably all closet Muzzies and commies anyway.
Look at it more as pest control.

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