It’s a bit warm here.

Global Warming?
Might as well be true because it’s been really mild this week.
No frosts, little rain, gentle if any wind.
A bit glum though, loads of cloud cover WHICH I don’t mind in the slightest seeing as though it helps keep the heat in.

Of course there is always a negative to a positive and for us that’s high humidity.
Our little dehumidifier has been positively glowing this week and on average 3 litres of water a day has been helping to keep the marina topped up.

Only here’s the thing.
What some call “High humidity” makes us look positively lame.
We peaking at 77% humidity.

The recommended humidity level for a house normally ranges from 35 to 45 percent.
At this humidity level, it is neither too dry nor too moist, which allows the residents to live comfortably. It also provides the best condition to keep the rooms and furniture from damage.
(Some ex-spurt said to us)

Yet we live in an aluminum cigar tube so anything humid or even remotely damp is not welcome as outside temperatures dip under our usual internal 20 C, 68 F.
In short it rains, condensate’s, or whatever and will (if unchecked) cause mold.

Mold, shudder!
Natures way of saying fresh air is best, and it is, except in winter!
I’ve kinda got this thing about getting cold.
It goes something like “I can starve anywhere but would prefer to die somewhere warm”.

Straight into talking about killer mold, and Toxic black mold aka Stachybotrys chartarum is a deep worry for us as it can produce mycotoxins.

These mycotoxins are the sort of poison that really fk’s with the respiratory system.
So we actively hunt for and kill anything ‘furry or mold type markings’ with a cocktail of aerosol (ammonium based) sprays and bicarbonate of soda pastes (A time proven marine fix for just about everything).

The experts say:-
There is no cure or antidote which can be taken for toxic black mold.
The only solution is to remove the toxic black mold from your environment or remove yourself from the environment. LEAVE? That’s not an option for us thus the witch hunt for anything even a tiny bit nasty runs from fall to spring. almost on a daily basis.

There is a bit of good news though.
We’re finally gutting the galley end and making a more practical layout.
More practical equates to more OPEN SPACES.
Sigh, less work and scrambling round on the deck looking into tiny gaps between boards and thingies.

Can things get any better?
Only if someone feeds us the lottery numbers.

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