Too Big To Fail

When the crash of 2007 happened, governments round the world stepped in to preserve their financial institutions and the phrase “too big to fail” was born.

As time has gone by, a new phrase is emerging.
“Too above the law to jail”.

We’ve also seen that all over the world.
Those with “friends in high places” get let off the things that would get us lowely people jailed if not executed.

Killary Clinton has been a prime example of that.
The FBI choosing to ignore what she has done in the past.
She needs a new tag, TEFLON! Nothing sticks to that!
UK’s Tony Blair. Guilty of so many things but ‘protected’.
He already has that title, “Teflon Tony”.

Yet this ‘Get out of ANY jail time free card’ has recently been used by a French court who found IMF chief Christine Lagarde guilty of negligence (to the tune of €404m ($429m; £340m) but did not hand down any punishment.

Kinda upsets me does that.

Once again the privileged get let off while us little people get jailed for non-payment of tiny amounts, in fines, taxes, bills or whatever.

And it sort of got me thinking again.
Remember the film and comic called The Punisher?
The ex-mil / cop whose family was killed by criminals, who became a vigilante known as the Punisher.

Vigilante, what is one of them?
A member of a self-appointed citizens group, or just a citizen, who doles out punishment (usually physical) as the legal agencies are basically useless or corrupt. Judge, jury, and executioner only without the corrupt judiciary or city hall cocking things up.

I wonder, could our anonymous Marine be tagged a vigilante by his thoughts or just a Truthsayer. That’s a person who speaks the truth, especially when the truth is contrary to conventional wisdom and goes against the norm aka political correctness.

Whichever way you cut this, it’s one law for them, and one for the rest of us.
Sort of sharpens the thinking about why TPTB and the UN have been going all out to disarm the world’s population doesn’t it?


Well that’s not exactly right.
The British and US government’s arm just about any swinging dick (terrorist, moderate terrorist, freedom fighter, or just some kid on welfare) who will fight their pathetic proxy wars for them.

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