A high pitched howl.


Woken by a sound I knew of old
That high-pitched howl of a missile’s tone
Scanning the air on all four sides
Not knowing it was only my dreams.

With heart thumping well I’m thrashing around
Wife pounding hard to get into my soul
She not knowing what’s going on
Just an instinctive act to waken me now.

Now I am, I quietly dress
Night clothing as always a soggy mess
Telling the wife that all’s OK
And to return to the sleep she needs.

Thinking hard I know what happened tonight
A truck turbo sang and triggered this fright
It’s difficult when this happens now
I’m too old to fight as I did once before.

Now the question is what to do next
Sitting quiet, alone, with my aching head
Should I just take this shock as oft before
Or ‘chem’ the night into a blackened fall

40 years on and still that fear
My Sgt. Rock stood sneering near
But all in all he worries me not
He’s all dead and I’m plainly not.

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