What is being reported as a terrorist truck smash into crowds indicates the final run up to Christmas could still get worse.

Yet again people get killed or maimed and the Germany government can’t get their act together! Germany’s interior minister, Thomas de Maizière, saying “There is a psychological effect in the whole country of the choice of words here, and we want to be very, very cautious and operate close to the actual investigation results, not with speculation”.

Fk. that Tom! It’s all over the newspapers that the animal who drove the truck was a 23-year-old asylum seeker from Pakistan.

Meanwhile (Mutti) Angela Merkel, expressed her sympathy for the victims of the incident. WOW, that’s really big of her.

Yet I sit here wondering when the UK comes into play.
France, Germany, and various other ‘peace loving refugee’ incidents have been reported round Europe. Hostel fires, riots, assaults, rapes and murders. I can’t believe we’re going to get away with nothing although Londonstan has got a reputation for arriving at the party late so there is still time.

Funny how the various ‘powers that be’ all refuse to see, let alone admit, this is nothing but a Muzzie problem and how mass uncontrolled immigration NEVER has an upside.

So it’s looking like peace and good will to all Christians round the world will turn out to be a carry to survive scenario.

Today I’m going into the big city while SWMBO dines out in our local town.
Somehow I feel going tooled up is appropriate.
Especially as where I park is between two mosques.

There again I have the ultimate protection in a can.


Or does anyone think I might be over reacting?

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