War Averted

We aint got a lot.
What we have we own, nothing on ‘tick’ (credit).
We also don’t owe any money, or whatever.
As for taxation, it’s quite simple.

A while ago the tax man cometh and demanded a shade under £500 for unpaid taxes.
Which was news to us.
Then, within days, the threatening mail arrives.
Fines, jail, loss of property, probably some will be nodding at that sort of thing.
Only some jerk off in the tax office had put down a wrong set of figures into their computer and thus GIGO, garbage in, garbage out, and I’m one step away from being pulled in front of a judge.

Enter welfare. Another government body.
Only this time I went to see them, proactive style, and for once they were REALLY helpful.
As a result today we got a letter from the Tax office.
No apologies, no “sorry you’ve been wasting time planting punji sticks”, just:-
“You don’t owe us anything.”

Two feelings.
One of relief as we couldn’t pay so wouldn’t anyway.
The second was a scrabbling round for the map of all the traps we’d set.

Probably like in the US, when the G.man arrives, it usually means he’s going to take WAY over what is due and then argue about it.

Thus SWMBO and dog would have been packed off to never-never land (with car laden down with our “special stuff”) and war would have ensued.

As one keen observer put it.
Don’t fk’ with an oldie.
They’ve generally got nothing to lose and are too ornery to care.


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  1. jlm990 says:

    Glad it worked out for you mate

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