Berlin Police Do What?

Police released the only detained suspect on Tuesday, saying there was no evidence to link him to the attack. They now say more than one suspect may be on the run, possibly armed, and security has been stepped up in the German capital.

WTF! So why arrest him in the first place? You’ve wasted 24 hours fools!

“No-one will rest until the perpetrator or perpetrators have been caught,” Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told German media.

WOW. Only time is not in your favour ‘Tom’ and it’s been more than 24 hours with your open borders letting anybody move freely in and out.

OK, here’s a thought to what to do next.
IS whatever claimed responsibility. So be it.
The slime is therefore probably a Muslim.
Let’s start with that basic fact.
It therefore seems logical to corral the lot of them until someone gives up the bad.

OK there are a ‘few’ tiny little logistical problems with this plan.
There is something approaching a million and a half invaders in Germany.
So how’s about simply picking out the men.
Now you only need to pen 99.9999% of the total number.
Surely that’s doable by a modern army (59,631) working with local and federal law enforcement, the government having declared a state of emergency and martial law.
Hell they could probably ask for and get NATO’s help!

(Or does anyone seriously think they haven’t lost control).

It’ll probably only take a week in the open for results.
Winters without shelter are good at expediting co-operation.
Then, seeing as though German justice works sooooo fast, they won’t mind waiting a bit longer in the open while law enforcement verify the facts. You never know what other ‘offerings’ of Intel will be disclosed during that ‘waiting time’.

Still if no one gives up the bad, the cattle trucks can be called in to deport those still standing, bulldozers shortly thereafter can clean up the mess and make ready for sowing new grass in the spring. The ground well fertilised and should have settled by then.

Is there a precedence for that type of action?
History would seem to indicate a few European nations doing something like that before.

Or will the German government under Mutti Merkel just call this another of Germany’s unsolvable (probably migrant crime but we don’t investigate them) mysteries and fail to avenge the loss of so many by the actions of a member of a minority group.

With the new year coming up in 10 days time, the possibility of a repeat performance is all too possible. Or will we just be seeing another ‘mass rapefugee Cologne style’ event again.

Out of control internally, Germany is reaping the whirlwind of Merkel’s folly.
As are all nations who let ‘invaders’ in.

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  1. Brittius says:

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    Merkel, kow tows. Surprised when I heard this news, and immediately thought, a hook was pulled. A political favor. Or, and I do not like saying this, but False Flag, comes to mind. Perhaps they were operatives and Germany decided not to make a scene because it’s only a few people, and we all know, Merkel supports rapists, murderers, she must be a closet convert. Truly.

  2. Some absolutely brilliant police work…

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