Lock Down UK

Heavily armed police officers were deployed to Canterbury Cathedral yesterday to guard the nativity scene. Within hours of IS claiming responsibility for Berlin, The UK throws a ring of steel around potential major targets including the Changing of the Guard.

So it’s not quite blind panic, it just looks a little like it!
An exercise in building public confidence?
More like a fiasco.

FFS, all this is being caused by a minority group that has known active members in the UK. There is of course a basic cure. Rather like cancer. You just cut it out. If it spreads you attack that too. Or, as a preventative measure, you get rid of the cause.

Only the royal “WE”, the powers that be, won’t do that.
It’s not politically correct is it?

Brought about by successive weak government, any bloodshed or loss of lives this year (especially during New Years Eve) can be firmly laid at their feet because of their policies.

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  1. Brittius says:

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    The usual 20/20 hindsight of bureaucrats is to throw the typical Ring of Cooked Noodles. They never count on, Motivation, Tenacity, Determination, of the enemy, because they refuse to name the specific enemy.

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