Why is Naveed running?

Who is Naveed Baluch?
The Pakistani refugee “wrongly” arrested over the Christmas market massacre in Berlin.

So, same question, why is Naveed running?
Probably because the German police let him go so he’s sensibly bugging out before they change their minds.

Or he knows something and sticking around will end up with him being found in some ditch as his “buddies” won’t believe he stayed silent during his interrogation.

Apparently it also turns out that he is ‘known’ for petty crime and having various aliases. I’m shocked at that titbit because the world knows that all refugees and asylum seekers are paragons of peace and virtue let alone totally law-abiding.

24 hours have gone and even the most inept person can travel a long, long way in a day.
Way over the border into another country and there are so many to choose from.
As such it’s not looking good for the German Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière. Or the police for taking a day to find another set of ID papers in the truck of a 24-year-old junkie Tunisian named Anis Amri .

It also still doesn’t solve the main issue.
This was a terrorist attack claimed by IS whatever.
IS whatever are Muslim, Naveed is Muslim, the new player Anis Amri is also Muslim, but all that’s still not enough to trigger a major clean up of the uninvited masses?

Why is that?

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