Winter Starts

Shortest day survived, sunrise was at 08:04 then, 7 hours 49 minutes and 41 seconds of daylight later, it was all over at 15:53 GMT.

Now winter (yule) starts. (That’s Yule to us who follow pagan tradition).
Yet the real cold won’t hit the UK for another month and a half.
That’s the penalty for living near an ocean.
All that water takes time to chill down.


Still I’m sat here, fingers crossed,
Hoping that things will remain mild this year.
Incidently, crossing fingers is a Christian ‘thing’.
Not applicable for Muslims or Buddists.


Rather like that other thing we Brits do with two fingers,
Steeped in medieval history, it was a to the French showing we had both of our bow fingers intact.twofingers


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4 Responses to Winter Starts

  1. Two fingers is also used as a measurement for whisky!

  2. Lorra B. says:

    Since I live on the face of the sun I can handle a bit of our ‘winter’ but I sure hear what you are laying out!!!

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