Schengen and how it aids terrorists

The Berlin market attack suspect, Anis Amri, has been shot dead by police in Milan.

OK, round of applause for the Milan police YET according to the Italian news agency Ansa, Anis Amri had travelled by train from France to Turin, and then taken another train to Milan. FROM FRANCE!?!
So that’s from Germany, to France and Italy within four days courtesy of the EU’s open borders policy Schengen.

Well done (not)
For Germany’s finest wasting a day by not finding a wallet in a truck cab and arresting the wrong guy, and the European Union for making life REALLY easy for terrorists to travel around.

However two good things have occurred here.
The slime ball is dead, and dear old Thomas de Maizi√®re, Germany’s Federal Minister of the Interior, (plus Berlin’s finest) can at last get a good nights sleep.

Case closed, enquiry to follow, elections shortly there after.


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5 Responses to Schengen and how it aids terrorists

  1. equippedcat says:

    Yep, suspect dead. Can’t be questioned, won’t be investigated. Was he really the guy? Were there others involved?

    • The lone wolf terrorist is a myth unless he is completely unhinged. They all have support in some way or another. Whether or not that support knows the terrorists mission is another matter.
      An address is what they need, somewhere to operate from. It’s only once the mission has started do they “burn their bridges” or , as a wise man said, you can never go back as you don’t know what you are walking into.

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