Stupid Risk Management

To enter the Hyde Park ‘Winter Wonderland’ experience, crowds of people are corralled in a central area while waiting for bag checks.


You’ve got to be kidding!
What school of security thinks that herding large numbers of people into a central control point is anything less than an invite for body bombs full of shrapnel?

With forecast numbers of 2.5million people plus or 60,000-a-day, what pillock thought that one up!

With crowd control in those numbers you need to disperse your ‘risk’ not concentrate it.
Multiple control areas, fast pre-checks, random screening within the masses, profiling a must, sniffer dogs, then bag searches at the point of entrance and passing through a metal detection archway. It’s not rocket science just plain common sense.

You literally do anything you can to reduce the attractiveness of a defenceless soft target.

That’s security 101. Lessen the risk don’t enhance it!

Jeez, and to think they probably paid some stupid prat a huge fee for the wrong advice.

How to help yourself by knowing what to look for.

Visual Observation
1 Aged 15 – 40. This age group is generally fit and strong.
Historically in UK, from foreign groups
2 Inappropriate bulky clothing i.e. long coats in summer or a dry day.
3 Female bombers may be wearing clothing that is ill fitting as it is covering explosive.
Clothing may appear to be too loose or excessively long or the sleeves too long for the person.
4 A robotic laboured walk which looks like a person is carrying a heavy load or have restricted mobility. Most body bombs weigh 5 to 15 kg s.
That’s not a great weight BUT the vest they are wearing will be awkward and therefore restrict their movements ESPECIALLY if they have to pick something up.
5 They may be on some sort of drugs so look at the eyes for that vacant or unfocused eyes. Only don’t stare!
6 Because of the drugs and the high stress a bomber is under, they may show signs of irritability, sweating, tics, or nervous behaviour.
7 Their breathing looks wrong and a bit “controlled” with shallow slow breaths. The bomber will be trying to control their anxiety and adrenaline rush by breathing slowly to prevent hyper ventilation.
8 Staring, tunnel vision, almost like target fixation.
They will be totally unaware of what is happening round them so may bump into things and other people with NO apparent realisation that they have done so.
9 They may be carrying a large hand bag. This bag will never leave or change their hands as it is wired to the explosives.
10 You may not see the person’s hands.
11 Recently shaved beards, haircuts, and new westernised hairstyles to blend in.You may see visible tan lines.
12 Mumbling prayers in an ethnic language as they walk. Just before they detonate, they may yell religious phrases or “Death to . . . .” rhetoric.

Your immediate actions.

Don’t confront them, run away screaming, or declare loudly he/she has a bomb.
Do not stare, show emotion, or any obvious show of interest.
Do not speak to them.
That’s all some would need to trigger the device.
Put distance between you and them and tell security as soon as possible.
They will ask for the sex, age, and general description including colour / race.
If they are alone or in a group. Which way they were travelling and how fast.
Note their clothing, what’s in their hands, and relate any of the twelve indicators.

Then GTF out of there.
Think only of you and your own.
If a bomb goes off lay flat and stay down.
There may be secondary explosions and / or gun fire.

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  1. DM says:

    you will not catch me @ an soft target like that…if I can help it….everrrrrrr. I have no background in security/ risk management, other than what I read here, my conceal and carry class, and common sense, and even I know better than that.

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