This is Pure Acedemic thinking

The London School of Economics says some of its academics (that’s a person who can’t get a real job) have been barred from advising the Foreign Office on Brexit because they are not British. (Never thinking myself or most of Britain as European, why is this a problem?)

The foreign office says, “It has always been the case that anyone working in the FCO may require security clearance depending on the nature and duration of their work.  (BBC)

Seems reasonable.
After all why take a chance that some lame dick commie, leftist, tree hugger of an academic won’t ‘pillow talk’ or even take money for revealing business or other ‘sensitive’ plans to an opposition aka Europe.

The LSE’s assistant professor Sara Hagemann wrote on Twitter she was no longer wanted on the project. The Danish academic joined the university’s European Institute in September 2009 and is regarded as a leading commentator on European Union affairs. (BBC)

Excuse me Sara, we left BECAUSE of the European Union Affairs.
It should be noted too that the LSE has done little else than run down Brexit from the get-go. Doom, more doom, and even greater DOOM!

They also have a blog. High brow stuff some of it too.
Only then you get another side of things, the academics view.
Some of their stuff can be a show stopper or even just tripe! For example:-
Revd. Adrian Low is Emeritus Professor of Computing Education at Staffordshire University and Church of England priest for the Costa del Sol West Chaplaincy in Spain, wrote in it. The referendum vote for Brexit was clear: the electorate was 46,501,241, Leave was 17,410,742 and Remain was 16,141,241. The UK public actually did not, does not and will not want a Brexit in the foreseeable future. 

Now you can understand how a computer man can’t think in more than zeroes and ones but seeing as though the leave number was GREATER than the remain voters, and I believe that means the majority said LEAVE.

To then go on and say The UK public actually did not, does not and will not want a Brexit in the foreseeable future”,  just about sums up academics the whole world round. Pretty well dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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