The sooner Obama leaves the better

On Thursday, the US state department declared 35 Russian diplomats from the Washington embassy and the consulate in San Francisco “persona non grata”, and gave them and their families 72 hours to leave the US following claims that Russia had “interfered” with the election of Trump.

No cast iron proof, vague hints, just opinions, supposition, nothing better than the same quality of whispers that claimed Iraq had WMD’s.

Korea had been sloppy about their hacking.
That was proven, sort of, but still why not them!
Russia aint sloppy in anything cyber so if they did do it, the chances are there is nothing solid to say they did. Besides who cares, Killary never got in (WW3 averted), Trump will make things better.

Well except for the petulant Obama and his tame senators. They ‘care’.
But Obama is out soon and when he does Trump may just set his mind to changing the current game with Russia. After all conflict is bad for business.

A concept an empty hate filled, anti-American mind, just can’t understand.

Only to do that he’ll also have to get rid of the Obama ‘war weenies’ in the senate.
Is it doable though? Probably. With or without the help of others.

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5 Responses to The sooner Obama leaves the better

  1. shtfprepper says:

    A lame duck President can be a very dangerous person. We’ll be ecstatic when he’s gone.

  2. jlm990 says:

    We knew that we would be in a dangerous situation until Imam Obama hits the street. Trump will undo a lot of the damage Obama has done, and will continue to do until 20 January. He will do it immediately but he is going to get a lot of push back. It won’t matter though, this guy is used to doing things his way and he doesn’t seem to care about the hostile media. Things are going to be a lot more fun this coming year.

    • His day book (to do list) is filling up fast isn’t it?.
      Only you are right and I reckon most will come from the Obama / Killary glee club aka the senate.
      And once again our talented marine words drift into mind. 😉

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