Waking Suddenly

And back in the shit
Only this was soon after
When all my reaction was rage
And my reasoning evilly marred.

An attack on another set me off
A dirty old man on a gentle friend
One of life’s scum who are better off dead
And I stormed to his house to do that.

Problem was my and her friends too
They got there first to stand in my way.
My eyes twitching hard and steel in my lap
His grave dug, and I’m ready for blood.

When I get there the police had arrived
He’s in cuffs and in their car
My friends holding my doors firmly shut
Me screaming hard ‘He needs to be shot’.

The police up tight that I’d intervene
Friends said go as they’d sort things out
A wise old copper agreed to their pleas
And off they drove, the scum looking out.

Like a burst balloon the anger just stopped
The scum was gone, the rage switched off
One drove me home as I was spent
No words said, but I’m not alone.

Was it wrong, I’ll never know
But my anger never raged the same
Friends never spoke about that day
When my mind went out of control.

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