Too dangerous?

FIVE Afghan teenagers who gang-raped a boy in Sweden will avoid deportation because their homeland is ‘too dangerous’. The court saying “in light of their age and the security situation in Afghanistan (they) would be hit very hard by the expulsion”.

Thus a green light is given to further rapes as the chances of deportation are minimal as
“Your homeland is too dangerous”.

Personally I think they should be deported.
The Taliban will probably have a high roof top specially picked out for them.

Yet here we go again, that use of the well-worn out and meaningless word “teenagers”.
That’s anything between 13 and 19. Hardly young children are they?
Old enough to reach Sweden in the first place, then to carry out this heinous crime, means to me they have lost any right to sanctuary ANYWHERE.

Sweden is lost, their judiciary as weak and feeble as the UK’s, and their government treating their citizens as nothing more than food for the animals it bought in.



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  1. Brittius says:

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    Rope is the cure. Vigilante Justice, remedies that problem.

  2. In crimes like these, there is no thought at all for the victim, no justice for a life ruined which instead is replaced by one constantly living in fear of outsiders who are above the law. Call in The Marine.

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