Witch Hunt

A Chelsea Pensioner is a resident at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, a retirement home and nursing home for former members of the British Army located in Chelsea, London.
One of them aged 75 is being hounded by investigators over his role in a firefight in Northern Ireland more than four decades ago, 1972.

The witch hunts continue unabated targeting the British Armed Forces.
First came IHAT. The Iraq investigations. All to appease the EU ‘justice system’.
A money-making exercise for a few ambulance chasing solicitors, retired cops, and somewhere for a few of the more feral Navy cops to let loose their ‘talents’ on.

Now comes the Northern Ireland’s Police with their taxpayer-funded Legacy Investigation Branch re-opening 238 ‘fatal incidents’, which led to 302 deaths during the WAR with the IRA. Probably another money-making exercise and to the applause of the remaining IRA members.

Funny isn’t it.
They chase the UK’s armed forces but the terrorists were all given a free pardon.

Now, elderly retired soldiers, are being grilled, treated like shit, and then left wondering what comes next, over incidents they were examined and cleared of ANY  BLAME by the military justice system at that time, are for all intense and purposes being treated as murderers.

While the government and YOU LOT OF LIMP DICK CIVILIANS sit back positively drooling at the prospect of people aged 70 plus going to jail for following orders and killing TERRORISTS!

When is the UK government going to be arrested over Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, The Balkans, and all the other shitty little wars where they ORDERED the Armed Forces into?

No other armed forces does this. Once cleared by military justice, that’s it.
It’s time the UK government grew some cojones and ended these pointless witch hunts!

Only she can’t can she. Theresa May, our prime minister.
Physically and mentally impossible I’d say. To stand up for what is right.

It’s also time for the modern armed forces to ante up and stop this.
Consider that 20, 30, 40 years later on, you retired, living quietly, family, and you may get a knock on your door questioning your actions.

Squaddies, matelots, and airmen, officers not excluded, pilots (drone or not), ‘peace keepers’, the Navy for attacking defenceless pirates and drug runners. How’s about the loss of lives because the Navy didn’t save all the worlds scum in their little rubber boats that were trying to sneak into Europe. What about the service nurses and doctors who may be accused of not doing a good enough job of saving the terrorists brought in having been shot.

All these shitty things the forces get thrust into may eventually end up being part of a witch hunt.

Personally I would love to see everyone across the three forces putting in their Premature Voluntary Release (PVR) en-mass in support of their retired service personnel unless these pointless witch hunts are stopped.

Only today’s modern servicemen may not want to do that.
After all they’ve done nothing wrong.
Until someone, in years to come, says they did.

Join the forces, travel to exotic lands, meet new people, carry out orders, and then get arrested in your old age because it’s poltically correct to do so.

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