Tim Fallon

In the Guardian. That quality (not) newspaper.
People may be ready to pay an extra penny on income tax to fund the NHS and social care, Tim Farron, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, has said.

No they won’t.
Trust is the issue here and nobody trusts the government. Is there any guarantee that the money raised won’t squandered on foreign aid or some other stupid giveaway?

No, there isn’t.

As for listening to a leader of a lying political party who said:-

  • They would scrap tuition fees. They trebled them.
  • They were going to stop VAT rises. Then increased VAT to 20%.
  • They promised “fairer taxes in tough times”, then let the rich off paying higher taxes.
  • They also backed the Tory NHS reforms that have brought it to its knees.

That thing that took years to build and only one term in government acting as snivelling ‘Yes men’ to the Nasty party (Tories) to shatter for ever.

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