Danger Close

A drunk at a wheel.
Mouthy sod too but indicative of the standard of local low life dross here.
Only here’s the thing. We’re on foot having the last walk of the night.
That’s me, SWMBO, and dog.
So we let him mouth his drunken speech, which we both didn’t understand or react too, and off he drove.

Round here it’s pretty useless to phone the police up to report a drunk driver as the nearest station is a ‘daylight hours only’ affair.
So ho-hum, van and registration noted for future reference.
It should be noted though that there have been attacks on walkers before now.

Now dross like that is usually predictable and experience gained working in commercial security has proven that. They are basically numpties (just plain stupid) and, as are all animals, totally predictable.

As we know the locality, the many bars, and layout of the ‘badlands’ around us.
When and where they (a passenger, face unseen) came from, plus the car registration.
It’s not rocket science to play the avoidance game.

Remember, numpties are predictable, i.e. they follow a basic routine.
Yet being alert for a repeat match isn’t a waste of time.
Only why be alert, after all it will probably turn out to be one of the regular drunks?
It’s simple really, that basic routine he follows is probably:-
Work, food, drink loads and drive home looking for a fight, sleep, work, etc.

Return match mentality aka the foolish bully.
Drunk or high on whatever, ignorance usually sees zero response to ‘baiting’ as weakness.
From there it invariably escalates.
I’m also a great believer in ignorance (and intoxicants) making a fool over-confident.
So should ‘the unpleasantness’ occur again, dross like that usually try to escalate things.

Take petty crime like house breaking. Eventually they get bored with the covert stuff and move onto home invasion, some then to using restraints, then rape.  It’s a power thing.

Yet why speak like this?
I’m pretty certain some will be thinking ‘Why not just deck the guy’?
REALLY !?! Outwardly I present as a passive easy target.
I’m ancient, use sticks, and therefore in the UK a typical target of the weak of mind.
Only in reality I’m not and there is the problem.
Not the act of defence, more the aftermath.
In any fight distance is king.
Close enough to hurt, is close enough to receive the same.
And restraint for me went when my mobility went.

Once again I refer to commercial security.
Conflict de-escalation techniques is what they teach nowadays.
Defusing the anger using communication skills.
Funny how that never seemed to work for me, especially with drunks, druggies, and illegal immigrants. So when communication has failed, it’s straight into restraint, which is fine within a team or if you are better than the other (but one on one is never a shrewd move).

Currently I’m neither part of a team or equal to a full on attack from a younger person who is probably high on something.
Thus I would need to finish something before it starts (if you get my drift).
Besides, the mentality of an intoxicated fool won’t generally let you walk away.
To him (or her) it’s a sign of weakness, thus they have to prove how ‘tough’ they are.

Now ‘one on one’ is generally doable, but one against two and restraint just doesn’t come into it anymore.
Yet during any action there is my SWMBO to consider.
Ever been faced with an aggressor with someone you need to protect ?
SOP always puts YOU between the aggressor and them.
It can be a bit of a dance too especially if the odds are not in your favour.
Then you can’t concentrate on just one of them and you must watch and reposition yourself as the dynamics of the confrontation changes.

Remember, the principal comes first, your role is to protect, to act as a barrier, until you can’t. At that point you have to go proactive, Bruce Lee, Jason Bourne sort of thing.

Except I was never, and still aren’t, as good as them.
They are Division one quality, I’m very low-grade aka messy.

The other problem is we have a dog.
Some would understand if it was TRAINED IN ATTACK it may be of some use.
Otherwise pets and kids just get in the way.
And our mutt ALWAYS gets in the way!!!
Thus I’m hindered by SWMBO and the dog!
What I don’t need or want is SWMBO wading in.
The dog might try, but it creates a trip hazard and once you are down, you’re going to get hurt.

OK what’s next.
The fast take down against a superior strength, probably immune to pain, assailant.
Basically put, at my age, fast doesn’t come into it, so what I do has to be effective.
I’m also not armed. UK law giving the criminal the advantage EVERY TIME.
Sigh! No steel, no blades, no Mace, and anything above harsh language is frowned upon.

Yet I do carry two sticks for mobility, only one of them would have to be cast away.
Stick defence is not some twee ‘catchy phrase’ folks.
Anyone who has faced a nightstick in trained hands will tell you that.
A yard of ‘pointy’ heavy walking stick can wreak havoc on the human body.
It also puts distance between you and them. That I like.

So now it’s down to basics.
If you can’t stand, see, or breathe, you cannot continue an attack.
Basically it’s an increasing scale of force and you stop when you have achieved your goal. i.e. To stop the attack and allow you time to retreat using the minimum of force.
(Good little budgie aren’t I?)

A side blow to the knees.
14 ozs of heavy stick moving at whistling speed smashes knee joints a treat.
It’s non lethal, but may cause lasting damage.
In UK law, that gets you sued and possibly a police caution for assault..

Cross stick into the philtrum (Top lip and up into the nose) and your nose bleeds, your eyes stream like mad, and it hurts like hell, bombed out on drugs or not.
It may break the nose and teeth, it’s ‘generally’ non lethal, but may cause lasting damage.
In UK law, that also gets you sued and possibly a police caution for assault.
The problem is it is a ‘desperate’ measure as you are well within striking range.
Thus you could get hurt.

And this is when it gets bad.
A cross-bar or strike into the throat or even worse a bayonet stab just under the sternum.
Usually that’s terminal. Lethal force and ’nuff said.
Again, it’s a ‘desperate’ measure as it puts you within striking range.
Although you are allowed to use lethal force if you think your life is in danger.

Having said all of that, the best defence is never to engage, armed or not.
So 9.30 to 11.00 at night means a ‘slight’ detour when walking the dog.
Then, after a few weeks to allow the numpty to kill off a few more brain cells with booze or drugs, normal service can resume.

Welcome to the real UK.
Where police always arrive after the event or don’t bother at all.
Unless you live in the big city and are NOT within a no go area
(And there are loads of them throughout England).

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  1. Brittius says:

    Are there laws concerning taverns over serving patrons?
    A bit of law on the establishment because the drunken twits get behind the steering wheel and could end up killing someone other than themselves. When I was a volunteer firefighter, every Friday night, and Saturday night, the engine company when assigned as First Engine On Duty, would muster at the station about 23:00 hours. Put up an urn of coffee, shoot some pool, watch television, have a sandwich. Like clockwork, just around closing time for barrooms, the alarm always came in, car vs. tree, or car vs. concrete embankment of a highway overpass. Most call had origin at one particular barroom, that had reputation as a bad place. The fire department through legal division of the town, sued the corporation owning the barroom, and the state, shut down the bucket-of-blood.

    • Technically there is a duty for the licencee to control input yet in the main a failure to do so will only be flagged (usually by the police) if there is continual trouble in that premises or eminating from it. That all comes up when a licence is renewed.

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