How predictable, race riots.

It would appear that the man Yassar Yaqub shot by police was a fine upstanding citizen after all. Why else would the masses be protesting his death?

Enter the banners.
On Tuesday evening, protesters carrying banners reading “stop the killings” brought traffic to a halt in Bradford.

As a result, Bradford West Labour MP Naz Shah has appealed for calm.

Good plan is stopping the killing (s).
After all the area is known to be a user of illegal guns.
Police in West Yorkshire (the general area in discussion) have expressed serious concerns about an unprecedented rise in gun violence in the region over Christmas. Officers have appealed to the public for any information they have on firearms incidents and any illegally held guns. The call comes after three unrelated incidents since the start of Christmas Eve. On 24 December, a man in Shipley was shot and injured and, later that day, a police car was damaged in Bradford as officers attended a reported assault.

Bradford being one of West Yorkshire’s main ‘enclaves’ of that peaceful religion in the UK.

Nadeem Murtuja, chairman of the human rights and racial justice campaign group Just Yorkshire, said: “There is a great deal of disquiet in the community about the death of Mr Yaqub”.

Yorkshire needs its own human rights and racial justice campaign group?
Why is that I wonder?

Yet, if it is true (as stated in a newspaper from information received by locals) that he was a drug dealer, I’m betting some of the anger is because his customers are having to look elsewhere.

I’m also wondering how this whole event will run.
Is this going to be the event that is going to cause race and religious civil war in the UK?
If it does, I vote to ask Putin to help.
He does have a bit of experience in dealing with terrorists, moderate or not.

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