7 Celsius to minus 3.

My crossbow shoots at around 300 fps
A typical “medium performance” bit of kit.
During the year the bolts drop over range is:

Range        Summer        Winter     (Drop in inches “)
15 yards  -2  inches        -4  inches
20 yards  -4  inches       -6  inches
25 yards  -8  inches       -11 inches
30 yards  -12 inches      -13 inches (Maximum range I use it over)

Thus in winter a 10 Celsius drop increased the average drop by 2½”.

Only unlike a firearm, the drop DECREASED after a number of shots.
Why was that, any guesses?

Ultimately it was traced down to using a fibre glass prod (bow) and the loss of flexibility due to the cold which improved with flexion.
Proven quite simply by heating up the prod with a hairdryer on a second string of shots.

Something to think about as I sit waiting for the Canada Geese to swim by.

They better hurry though, it’s going to drop to minus 5 C later.
That’s 12 degrees and I’ve no data for that.
Bear in mind a goose’s sweet spot on the head is only a ½” across.

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  1. So–have you gotten your goose yet? There are plenty of white tail deer wandering around the backyards here with the temps going below zero F. No one can bow hunt them in town and out of season without a permit though! Begonia

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