First we fire personnel to save money.

Something the new Forces Minister undoubtably said before:- (BBC)
The UK Ministry of Defence has officially awarded a £30m contract to produce a prototype laser weapon. The aim is to see whether “directed energy” technology could benefit the armed forces, and is to culminate in a demonstration of the system in 2019.

So, saving on money by firing experienced personnel, the MOD then waste even more money on a high-tech weapon system that probably won’t work if it’s raining or even foggy.

Lasers don’t like that sort of thing. Ask anyone who has ever worked with lasers.
Or better still, ask the REME techs working on the ones fitted to tanks.
Thus saving bucket loads of money by asking serving personnel who know about things in real life as opposed to those so-called ‘ex-spurt’ lab weenies.
Or is that too easy!?!

What is really needed is a decent personal weapon, better personal equipment, WAY BETTER accommodation, welfare, and food, and more personnel to share the increasing workload created by firing the experienced guys and girls.

Still what else would you expect from a guy in charge who was “bored” when he did his service, and couldn’t rise above the rank of acting lance jack.

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