I’m so in love with high-tech (NOT)

Norway will next week become the first [stupid] nation to start switching off its FM radio network, in a risky and unpopular leap to digital technology that will be closely watched by other countries considering whether to follow suit.

This is the start of a disaster that will eventually spread across Europe.
The basic facts are that not everyone has a digital (DAB) receiver in the home because it doesn’t work in a lot of places. aka it sucks!
At least FM will try to work on a fading or weak signal, digital (DAB) just cuts out.
Not to mention that millions of vehicles haven’t got one either.
All that is not sufficient to stop this lunacy.

In the main the world’s governments general communication plans in times of emergency is to broadcast essential news and information. Only that DEPENDS on the population having a common standard radio or TV ‘set up’ to receive such warnings.

But until coverage is as complete as it can be with digital broadcasting ? ?  ?   ?
If hostilities occur aka war, or there is a weather warning, or some other GEO-Event is going to happen, what will happen to the millions of people who only possess the most basic of radio system i.e. FM?

Will it end up as “Tough luck you should have bought one” as you bury your dead, or they might even try to FORCE you to buy one even if it doesn’t work in your home (something I wouldn’t put past the UK government).

There are of course fail safes for the normal citizens out there.
It’s called LONG WAVE. 30 Khz to 3oo Khz.
Or even MEDIUM WAVE 300 Khz to 3 Mhz.
Quite a few ‘enlightened’ countries using LW because of its low tech, long-range coverage.
Bulgaria, Czech Rep, Denmark, France, Germany, Bavaria, Saarland (Europe 1)
Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Poland, Romania, Russia (VOR), UK (world service), Algeria and Morocco.

I would say that it’s curious that the US haven’t got a LW transmitter.
Only I did say ‘enlightened’ countries.
I just hope that the UK won’t ditch it’s LW transmitters to fall in line with the US.

Medium wave is found just about everywhere.

As for the prepper?
A simple broadcast receiver capable of receiving LONG and MEDIUM WAVE is a must.
(As is learning morse code).

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  2. equippedcat says:

    Well, when they messed with TVs, they provided us converter boxes so our old analog TVs could continue to work. Perhaps they’ll try that silliness with radios.

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