Damn It all went wrong.


After months of no pain relief, one heavy day of unexpected  “stress” and the leg gave out. What happened was I got sloppy.
I step in to help another with a serious electrical problem on their boat and wham, bang!
I twisted the wrong way under load and “OUCH!”
No good turn ever goes unpunished does it?

Ordinarily every step is calculated, every action thought about.
Damn, how could I get so careless.

OK, so what happens now? Today’s, now.
I get soaked in Big Pharma’s finest chems and in a couple of days I’ll be fine again.
Until I get careless again.

Now lets extend my little problem to a survival scenario.
I’ve been training to work within my limits.
That makes sense doesn’t it?
Only nothing works the way you plan it, EVER.
Some call it Murphy’s law of soldiering.
Typically No OP plan survives first contact.

So you could argue that in a survival situation I’m basically fk’d.
That could happen, it might not, there is no definite’s here.
Am I a liability? If someone is dependent on me possibly.
Yet I work as part of a team, SWMBO and me.
I depend on her as she does me.
No lone wolf, a warrior walking alone, strictly for the birds is all that.
There never has been since we became an us.
Only a close couple would know that distinction.

So what’s our game plan, (and it is a “OUR” plan).
It’s simple really.
I’m the technical support, the engineering, and the grunt who does whatever is needed. SWMBO is the overwatch and the recovery for the broken (that’s me) who forget to act carefully, and everything else.
Yep, I’ve got the easy job!

So is it wrong to work as a team, each dependant on each other?
I think not but is it at all possible that everyone in your little world can be trained to know everything the other person knows? And how to use those skills??

Some would say ‘but of course”.
Military I’d agree but outside of that I doubt it.
The one thing you cannot easily teach is mindset and attitude.
For instance, SWMBO makes a lovely rabbit pie, or a rabbit stew, in fact anything I plonk down on the kitchen table she’ll manage make a meal from it.
That’s good.
Except she won’t hunt, trap, or otherwise hurt things.
Other people maybe, but furries and tweety things? No way Hosea!

Which brings about an interesting problem.
What if I’m laid up, hurting?
Diet time?
Could be except she is resourceful BUT not a hunter/trapper.
So I go all veggie again. Which for a short while is probably good for me.

Working with a disability is a real bind.
Living with one i.e. ME,  SWMBO would probably agree.

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2 Responses to Damn It all went wrong.

  1. gamegetterII says:

    Hope you heal up quickly!
    I go back to doc on Thursday- or maybe Wed.- later this week anyhow. She’ll send me for a new X-ray and then let me know if I can get rid of the air cast/ splint contraption.
    I can move the wrist okay, mostly pain free unless I pick something up the “wrong” way.
    I do believe my supplement plan has helped and is helping with healing.
    Between the multivitamin-( Centrum silver)- the Carnation instant breakfast, and 12 days of Boost or Ensure- (since it’s sold in 6 packs I got one of each)-and having a couple yogurts a day, my intake of vitamins and minerals needed for healing broken bones has been 3x or more the “recommended” daily amount.
    Us old folks gotta use every trick we can to get our tired, worn out, busted up bodies to cooperate when recovering from injuries. Some top shelf sour mash whiskey helps too!
    I was also extra careful about eating right and kept exercising daily.
    The only thing I couldn’t do was get proper sleep as we go to work every time it snows, which has been often so far this winter- about to go take care of our accounts in an hour or so. Temp is about 10 degrees F now- going down to 6.
    I’ll be back home in front of fire before it drops to 6 degrees though.

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