Let the poor eat cake

Theresa May is to say she wants to move away from the “social justice” agenda of prioritising helping the poorest people in Britain, and to instead focus on those who live just above the welfare threshold. ()

I like it (not)!
Bold, incisive, and totally ignoring the rising number of people, including children, who currently live in poverty, homeless, and in dire straights in the UK.

(Unless you are a refugee when you get EVERTHING going).

Still they are lost causes.
Bit if a burden to her plans I’m thinking.
She’s probably thinking it’s better they quietly fade away, brushed under the carpet of life. aka “JUST DIE YOU BASTARDS!”

The Tory (Conservative Party) is not called the NASTY party for nothing in the UK.
People should remember that.

Once again the poor will have to carry the burden which we call the rich.
Probably by selling off their meagre possessions when they die.
After all the average household in the UK now owes a record amount of £12,887, even before mortgages are taken into account and, according to the ONS, total unsecured debt hit an all-time high of £349 Billion in Sept 2016.

crusaderisittimeWorks all ways does that question.
When will the poor rise against the government?
It’s well doable, with the right leadership and tools.

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