Oliver looking for excuses.

Jamie Oliver. Posh burger flipper.
Straight out I will say I’m not a fan of this guy (you may have guessed).
He thinks himself God’s gift to cooking and someone of great importance.
He’s not and especially after someone described him nothing more than a burger flipper.
Made me chuckle did that and it stuck.

So when Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has announced the closure of his Aberdeen restaurant plus Exeter, Cheltenham, Richmond, Tunbridge Wells and Ludgate Hill, and then fobs off his failure by blaming Brexit!?!

I’m reminded of an article where he said he’s failed 40% of the time.

With that in mind I’m feeling sorry for his staff.
The latest addition to his 40% failure rate.
I’m also thinking he overpriced his ego, his goods, and is probably facing competition from more realistically priced, just as good, restaurants.

It appears I’m not alone.
As Andrew Turnbull, senior lecturer in retail at Robert Gordon University said:
“It is a very tough market, but in Aberdeen’s case, I am afraid this closure will more likely be associated with local circumstances in the market. It’s not untrue that the value of the pound has fallen significantly, but they’re looking for excuses here, and Brexit which happens to be a convenient one.”

Which is probably correct.
He’s also getting a roasting on social media after claiming Brexit was the reason behind him closing six of his restaurants. Interesting isn’t it. Good business is picking up (which includes the service industry) according to TPTB, but his world is crashing down.

In June 2016 – Oliver claimed he would quit Britain if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister after leading Vote Leave to a shock Brexit win. Well Johnson didn’t make PM but Oliver leaving the UK won’t be a great loss to UK foodies who appreciate good cooking but not at his prices. Perhaps he’ll make a success of himself in the US. 40% of the time.

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