Pharmacy Joke


Only it’s not.
The pharmacy regulator, the General Pharmaceutical Council, (a government friendly organisation) has already issued a consultation which would allow technicians, who often earn the minimum wage and are educated only to the equivalent of A-levels, to take on more responsibility for the supply of medicines.

Currently pharmacists have 5 years training and according to Pharmacy Voice, pharmacists intervene on 6.6 million prescriptions a year, in many cases avoiding serious harm to patients.

Only we all know this will happen. It’s a done deal.
As this news comes after Parliament approved £300million funding cuts, which will see thousands of high street chemists (who dispense one billion medicines a year) close .

The Tory (Conservative ) Party, the NASTY PARTY, who aren’t particularly bothered who dies as long as they make another £300 million to give away in foreign aid, or to buy memsahib THERESA MAY a new pair of shoes and matching leather trousers.

After all she is the Prime Minister.


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