French want NATO leadership

France is reportedly hoping to take Britain’s senior position in Nato amid claims the UK’s role within the alliance could be at threat after Brexit. 

I’ve absolutely no problem with that.
We can then leave NATO and stop ploughing money into a pointless ‘multinational’ warmongering force does nothing more than tear-arse round the world stirring up sh’t.

That would also save 2% of our GDP (est at 2858 billion for 2016) or £57.16 billion.

Wishful thinking?
Once France is in charge, the UK’s reason for being part of NATO evaporates.
They would see to that.

So think hard about that NATO supreme commanders and politicians.
US airbases and their other facilities may be closed down.
Then you could end up with a now ‘not so friendly’ independent nuclear capable state strategically placed off Europe with a ‘Army for hire’ shingle hanging outside.

Hell we could even become one of Russia’s ‘new best friends’.
Oo, Russian gold. It’s got an entirely different feel to it.

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