Jeremy Wright Attorney General

Jeremy Wright UK’s Attorney General.
I’ve got a problem with this guy.
He’s the judicial idiot that wouldn’t reverse the stupid decision by his judges that has effectively stalled BREXIT.

So now he goes further.

He just doesn’t keep up with current affairs does he.
With old soldiers being abused by his judicial system by retrial of past actions (Northern Ireland) AND IHAT still running it’s witch hunt.
With one of his senior military judge mishandling the trial of jailed marine Sergent Alexander Blackman who should never have been convicted.
To now him saying the UK can kill terrorists abroad even if civilians die too.
Which will guarantee even more ‘jobs for his boys’ as foreigners (usually terrorists) claim for damages.

This fool is just making matters worse for our armed forces. Worse by opening even more ‘opportunities’ for spurious claims of violations of the ‘scums’ human rights.

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  1. I thought he was a footballer…………

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