Deutschland unter Merkel.

UK and USA are WEAK:
Angela Merkel calls for German-led EU ARMY to defend Europe
ANGELA Merkel has renewed her call for the European Union to have its own army, warning the bloc will not be able to rely on others to guarantee its security with Donald Trump in the White House and Britain set to leave.

See, Trump was right!
NATO does need to be reviewed.

Still with Germany in charge of Europe for a third time in history, what could possibly go wrong? (Although we won’t mention the two historical incidences when it was).
That’s no way politically correct!

Yet it does raise an interesting question.
If we, the US, and therefore NATO are not part of the solution because Europe is going to do its own thing, how does that affect inter-country relations let alone global security?

Merkel, in one not very carefully thought out action, would also destroy NATO’s
“Attack one of us and you attack us all”.  After all why would the UK or US want to get involved with the Russians invading Europe?

Personally I see it as Europe becoming more of a problem to us.
Literally overnight.
Especially with their current liking for all things Islamic.

As part of the problem, that opens a whole new bag of worms the least of which is security aka espionage. Especially in industrial and military matters.

It could also raise a HUGE question mark over German and European citizens living in the UK (or the US) let alone them working within some of our more sensitive industries?

Carefully thought out plan! (NOT!!)

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