How typically stupid of the media.

Does anyone actually even think the UK’s borders are secure?
There are a couple of easy ways of getting into the UK.
Ferries, Eurotunnel, boats, commercial flights, covert flights, in the back of lorries, are but a few.
Only here we go again.
The media do it again (ad nauseam) and pull off another stupid stunt which should get them arrested for giving those with money (and no brains) another documented route into the UK.

As if the big players didn’t know all about this anyway little girl.

Still here’s my report on what some foolish reporter has put in print.
Open Door Britain: SUE REID (a dippy red head of a reporter trying to bump up the circulation numbers) exposes how Britain’s many small airfields are vulnerable to terrorists and illegal immigrants despite claims that our border controls are being tightened.

How? She went to a small airfield in France, hired a plane, flew into another small airfield in the UK, stepped off the plane and started the “well lookie at what I’VE just done” , and “how insecure is all this” rhetoric.

Time for the thin blue line to arrest her, take her down to the cells, and send her passport off to the passport office in case it’s a forgery.

All in all that should take about a month.
Now that will increase the circulation numbers.
Poor little reporter jailed for being stupid!

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