Old Song, New Words

People flying to the UK could face “severe disruption” after Brexit unless the Border Force employs more people, airports have warned.

The Airport Operators Association said more stringent passport checks for EU nationals would result in longer queues and processing times.

Only there always has been a problem for me with the mainly ‘foreign faced’ Border Control at Heathrow. I don’t like civilian officialdom anyway but walking into UK’s passport control to see a sea of coloured faces IN MY COUNTRY deciding on whether I can re-enter? That’s one of those “red flag to a bull” moments.


The government claim they have sufficient staff.
No they haven’t, they never had, they never will, because they are stupid and don’t understand the extent of the problem.
The border force is undermanned, over stretched, and woefully under equipped.
It’s not the guys and girls fault on the front line (except at Heathrow).
It’s the government’s fault.

So now the airports are once again screaming “we won’t be able to cope”, and the same tired out phrase from the government excuse book has been trotted out.

“The Home Office said Border Force
could meet the demand and maintain security. “

Here’s a clue why nothing will change.
Take a ‘flying guess’ (no pun intended) who was the Home secretary in charge of Border Control from May 2010 until July 2016.
Someone who didn’t have the shoes then, and doesn’t have the shoes for leadership now.

Yep, UK’s own version of a “Glorious Leader”
Prime Minister Theresa May

BUT you can’t let a person’s past record mar the new Home Secretary.
She’s doing a great job, in fact a cracking job (at upsetting the Liberal minded intellectuals). So good in fact that when she made a speech at her party conference, which called on firms to draw up lists of foreign workers, an Oxford University professor was so upset he contacted the thought police.

West Midlands (Thought Police Division) then said it “has been recorded in line with the National Police Chiefs’ Council manual as a non-crime hate incident”.

CRACKING START girl!ruddJe présente Amber Rudd.
Our newest victim (whoops) Home Secretary.
Who also seems to think:-
“The Border Force could meet the demand and maintain security. “

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    eeewww… that’s theresa may? egads, man. with her and merkel it’s an ugly fest!

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