Third World Medicine, UK style.

Every day another exposé, and yet another glimpse into the harsh truth behind the UK’s Glorious leader’s political rhetoric.

Floored NHS:
A baby lying on a mat on the floor for 7 hours.
A toddler with an asthma attack, different mat, cold floor, 8 hours.
A 6-year-old bed made up to two chairs and a blanket, 7 hours
A 2-year-old, gets a white blanket and a 5 hour wait for a throat and ear infection.

All this because the NHS has been starved of money therefore staff and resources.
All this because community care is in total disarray through under funding.
All this and our glorious leader Theresa May claiming the NHS is not in the grip of a ‘humanitarian crisis’ and trying desperately to pass the buck onto the GP’s.

Only with the next breath our leadership give billions away in foreign aid.

What a responsible newspaper needs to do is run a death count.
Then fund a class action for the familes against May and her equally inept Health Secretary Hunt. He’s the guy who runs away at the first sight of a reporter.
£ 10 million for each death should do it.

Make two of the worst politicians FEEL PAIN the only way they can,
By attacking their personal wealth.

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