News Overload? Not today.

Got up, made tea, started reading the news.
Half an hour later I cottoned onto the general mood of the day.
That would be no news of earth shattering importance.
OK, UK press looked at, now further afield.

Wow. There is so much happening in the world but ‘locally’.
Davos and the worlds richest makes a lot of the news but that’s about it.
A few disasters, more little wars, fuel prices, and everything in Europe is fixated on the invasion of Muslims, benefits, and open borders. That and something called BREXIT.

Yet there was this.
Something mentioned on the BBC. (But in small print in case anyone noticed).
Old news but still relevant. Published 14/1/2017. French Member of Parliament (MP) Meyer Habib spoke about Sunday’s international conference scheduled in Paris

“We’re talking about a pitiful and unproductive initiative. It looks like an obviously anti-Israel gathering, aimed at ruling to harm Israel. The conference’s purpose is clear: To bring Israel back to its pre-1967 borders,” Habib said. “If you’re already arranging an international conference in Paris, the logical purpose of that conference would be to decide on how to deal with ISIS and the threat of jihadist terror, both Sunni and Shiite. This terror has already killed 250 French citizens. But obviously no one is dealing with it.

“There’s one purpose to this conference: To rule against Israel, the only Jewish state in the world and the only democratic country in the entire region. Israel is an island of stability in the Middle East. Israel shares our democratic and humane values,” Habib emphasized.

Expecting all sorts of anti-Zionist crap, I’m a fan of Israel.
Love them or hate them, I admire the way they handle all the terrorist sh’t and misplaced international hatred. That and being let down by their “friends”.

‘Palestinian’s seduce you with their suffering’.
Don’t know where I heard that but it’s so appropriate for the all out opponents of Israel.
‘Seduce you’. It takes on but one meaning for me.
The many ‘liberal minded’ international governments and organisations, and the other various bleeding hearts, dropping their collective pants and grasping their ankles for Hamas and the other massed terrorist groups to exact their pleasure.

What was upsetting was when the UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (which states that Israeli settlements have “no legal validity” and are “dangerously imperiling the viability of the two-state solution”) was passed last month by a 14-0 vote after a rare and momentous abstention by the United States. Obama’s work, without a doubt in my mind.

To clinch that, Kerry attends the French summit.
A sort of final up yours from the parting administration and further endangering a long-term relationship with the US and maybe moving the State of Israel towards an unfettered solution to their problem.

Something I feel they are well able to carry out and will if pushed anymore.

Then there is Trump.
Questioning NATO, building walls, talking trade deals with the UK, defusing Russia, and thinking of moving the US embassy into Jerusalem.

Worse bit about that?
The international world TELLS Trump that he mustn’t do that.

WhoTF do they think they are!
Personally I’m hoping he just raises his finger in that universally acknowledged way:-

spinonitThe final world goes back to that French MP.
A peace agreement can only be signed if there are bilateral negotiations and compromises. But most importantly, it can only be signed if there is a complete cessation of jihadist terror. “We need to understand and acknowledge that we’re not talking about a conflict of borders, but a conflict of cultures. The Paris conference proves we have lost all shame.”

Good words in my view.

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